Happy? Not always. But Larque every day.

I might have been born happy but cannot recall those early years. Thankfully, I don’t recall my mom and biological father fighting for my first six years either. I do recall a surly teenager who bore my name and thought life was a miserable waste of time. Yikes!

“Happy as a Larque” is a personal trek in boots that don’t always fit right and the disregard of blisters caused by life friction. I haven’t discovered a magical way to disregard the friction itself, so I am not always happy. On the worst of days I go to a terrible dark place and think the worst of thoughts.

My adventure is about gathering wisdom so I may experience bliss and help others. I stash these tools in that dark place so I can navigate my way back. Every time it gets easier.

My goal is to amass strategies and reasons to be happy so that I may be a beacon of light to others. I have already experienced countless paths to happiness; some little jaunts and others grappling, scraping, gut-wrenching climbs. I hope to share with you both types of excursions. I hope that sharing some of the painful points on my journey will comfort you and further strengthen me.

When you pass me on the street and I look deep in your eyes and smile (which I will), don’t assume I am some Pollyanna, Gandhi or Einstein. I am merely one girl who desires to be a mix of the three … optimistic, loving and brilliant.

Cynics around me who scoff at my “fairy dust” education might want to look a bit closer. The sprinkles of faith, trust, belief and passion that glitter around me are bling you can’t buy with money. You have to earn this stuff the hard way – one lesson at a time.

(NOTE: This is the first blog in the Jumping Duck Media 30 Days of Blogging Challenge. http://bit.ly/6bUdVx)


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9 Responses to “Happy? Not always. But Larque every day.”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I’m sure those of us reading will find words of wisdom along with a few good jumping off points! Kudos to you for being the brave one posting your life lessons, innermost thoughts, stumbles, and victories 🙂

  2. Beth Says:

    Awesome! your post makes me think I can get through my stressful situations. I think I will take a mental hike and see where I can get. 🙂

  3. Ross Reida Says:

    Larque, the eyes are the windows of the soul, and I remember looking into your eyes many times when we worked together. What I remember seeing was a fun, smart, caring, ambitious, creative, sensitive, and loving soul looking back at me! You are a “one-in-a-million” type personal with a gift for making friends and influencing people in a positive way. I am very glad to know you, and you have always made me happier when I am around you.

  4. Linda Says:

    I love how you shape your thoughts. They draw me in and I look forward to this adventure with you. I feel myself by your side as we stride, walk, crawl along together. I love your companionship. For me, the qualities of honesty, authenticity, and loving kindness make the journey possible. You bring all this with you and share yourself so openly. Thanks for being in my life.

    • happyasalarque Says:

      I had not anticipated the great strength that would be returned to me from comments like yours and Ross’. Thank you for walking the journey with me. Without friends and family, it would be a hard and lonely trek.

  5. Jack Says:

    This -11 F degree (with wind chill) weather here on the river, just got a lot warmer, and a particular sun came out a few minutes ago, (even though it is only a bit after 6AM) when I found your blog. We’ve known each other and shared great times, and I have learned from you. I look forward to looking deep into this experience to further assess my own life’s condition. Praise the Lord you are of His people.

  6. Vision Therapy Exercises Says:

    Can someone tell me how to know when you update the information on your website? I don’t want to have to remember to come back all the time. Someone said something about a feed? I don’t know what that is. Thank You

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