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Addiction brings laughing and dancing

December 14, 2009

I’m confessing an addiction I developed since being laid off. It’s not a new drug, just one I hadn’t discovered.

I’m addicted to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I don’t run to the TV at 3 p.m. every day, but I have to watch the show before bed. I was hiding this from my husband at first – watching the show and deleting the recording before he got home. Now, I update him Ellen updates.

I haven’t been hooked on a TV program for years. I have a love-hate relationship with TV and the media in general. I detest the barrage of bad news and reality TV that make humans despicable.

Four things about Ellen put me back in the Nielsen ratings. I aspire to all of them.

First, that sparkle in her eyes is astonishing. Did she create a makeup or video trick that makes eyes twinkle? Ellen’s love for her job shimmers on her face. I hope to have that gleam in my next work adventure.

Then there’s the dancing. Goofy maybe, but fun none-the-less and that’s the point. I used to dance around the house until something got broken. Now I find myself moving like a 12-year-old boy while at a nightspot with great music. You know, shifting weight from foot to foot and not dancing at all. Am I too grown up to dance? Puke. I don’t even believe in “growing up.” I admire a person who boogies through life.

Laughter is a given, because this is Ellen, yet I had forgotten that she’s a ham. (Sorry Ellen, faux ham.) I enjoy the humor ranging from a snicker behind a fake “O” cover to rolling on the floor hysterics after a guest scare. I laugh so loudly my cats jump. It’s thankfully uplifting during this tough time.

What I love about Ellen most is her generosity. I realize companies donate the money and products she gives. However, they do so because giving is Ellen’s brand. It’s how she makes life brighter for many.

Ellen is an inspiration to all. I aspire to have her exuberance for life and work, to laugh and dance everyday, and to give as often as possible.